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L’enseignement des sujets sensibles dans la salle de classe

L'objectif de la présentation est de parler des stratégies que les enseignants peuvent utiliser lorsqu’il aborde un contenu qui pourrait être perçu comme étant sensible dans leur communauté afin de :

  • s'assurer que l'environnement d'apprentissage est sécuritaire pour établir un dialo...

Teaching Sensitive Content in the Classroom

The purpose of the presentation is to describe strategies teachers can use to approach content that may be perceived as sensitive in their community in order to:

  • ensure the learning environment is safe for respectful dialogue;
  • teach students how to think critically about any...

How Changing Language Could Help in the Fight Against Opioids

This video clip from the CBC’s The National reports on an alternate way of looking at addiction as a disease, rather than a choice. It encourages the viewer to consider the language used when referring to substance abuse disorders and how language can either help or hinder users from getting the ...

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